* I’d like us to move away from a frigid preoccupation with form and distanced irony. I’d like us to find a warmer criticality that does not deny the difficulty in truly believing in anything anymore. If criticality can find an optimistic register, then probability – belief, hope, change -- will foment. How can we be a ‘we’ again without erasing or simplifying difference?

** Video fucks with my head. Like many throughout the world, I like to fuck back. My triangulation is time-based. Listen. Pop cultural debris serves as an emotional referent: indices of personal history – the poetic cataloging of lived time. 

*** Culture is a cluttered map of selves and others. It is here that you and I make meaning as much out of sameness as we do out of difference. You may not (be) like me, but I (am) like you. Trust me.