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Solo Exhibitions


ships in the night, Engine Room, Wellington, New Zealand.


Latham Zearfoss: Home Movies, Gene Siskel Film Center, Chicago; UnionDocs, Brooklyn; Te Whare Hera, Wellington, New Zealand.


Intents & Purposes, Andrew Rafacz, Chicago.


YES X 1000, Threewalls, Chicago.

SPEECH! SPEECH!! SPEECH!!!, Vox Populi, Philadelphia.


Bruising Darkness, Lease Agreement, Baltimore.

Three Scenes from Last Summer, USC Roski School of Art and Design, Los Angeles.


I Feel the Earth Move, ACRE Projects, Chicago.

Trust Me: Selected Works by Latham Zearfoss, Nightingale Theatre, Chicago.

Selected Screenings + Exhibitions


Terrain Biennial, Various locations, Oak Park, Illinois.

Emergent Futures: State of the Field, Chapel Hill, Durham and Greensboro, North Carolina. (W/ Open Engagement)


Work for the People (or Forget About Fred Hampton), Co-Prosperity Sphere, Chicago.

My Vicious Throbbing Heart, Franklin Street Works, Stamford, Connecticut. (w/ Claire Arctander)


The Reflection in the Puddle is Mine, Art Basel, Miami.

Public Access/Open Networks, BRIC House, Brooklyn. (w/ Dylan Mira and Pilot TV)


PDF-OBJECTS, Mana Contemporary, Chicago.

HOME THEATER SYSTEMS, The Mini, Cincinnati.


Platforms: 10 Years of Chances Dances, various locations throughout Chicago.

The Unstable Image: Works by Mary Helena Clark, Mariah Garnett, and Latham Zearfoss, Conversations at the Edge, Gene Siskel Film Center, Chicago.


Body Doubles, Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago.

Rough and Ready, Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago.

Feeling Is Mutual, Chicago Artists Coalition, Chicago.

Borderless Musical Imaginaries Mixtape at the Extinct Entities Festival, Links Hall, Chicago.


Summoning  New Queer Reality, Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago.

Queer Love Stinks, Skydive Art Space, Houston.

Commonwealth, Roxaboxen Exhibitions, Chicago.

With a Voice Like the Lake: New Experimental Media Work from Chicago, Society for Cinema and Media Studies, Chicago.

How Do I Look?, Roots + Culture, Chicago.


CKTV, Cleopatra’s Gallery , 9th Shanghai Biennale, Shanghai.

The Dragon Is The Frame, Gallery 400, Chicago.

Arte No Es Facil, Links Hall, Chicago.

I’m Here To Make Friends, Happy Collaborationists, Chicago.


Chicago Loves Iowa City, Public Space One, Iowa City.

Dallas Video Festival, Dallas, Texas.

Hang In There, Co-Prosperity Sphere, Chicago.

Humboldt Film Festival, Arcata, California.

2011 MFA Thesis Show #2, Gallery 400, Chicago.

Boston Underground Film Festival, Boston. 


International Queer Video Open, Shout Festival, Birmingham, UK.

MIX 23: The 2010 NY Queer Experimental Film Festival, New York.

A Unicorn Basking in the Light of Three Glowing Suns, DeVos Art Museum, Marquette, Michigan. (with Chances Dances)

YouTube Play, shortlist, online.

Trust Me: Selected Works by Latham Zearfoss, Nightingale Theatre, Chicago. (Solo) 


Austin Gay & Lesbian International Fim Festival, Austin.

Spring Fling Shorts Show, Space 55, Phoenix.

Boston Underground Film Festival, Boston.    


Chicago & The Universe, Roots + Culture Gallery, Chicago; Nordic Pavillion Studios, Vienna, Austria; KHM, Cologne, Germany.

AGENDA: Queering Popular Media, Current Space, Baltimore.

Repelling / Abseiling: Videos About Trust, Brooklyn Museum, New York.

Organizing and Community Building 


Open Engagement, Administrative assistant and local support for the annual, artist-led itinerant conference on socially-engaged art.


Make Yourself Useful, Co-organizer of a reading and action network aimed at engaging white folks and other accomplices in the struggle for racial justice and equity.


The Critical Fierceness Grant, Co-founder and administrator of a biannual micro-grant for queer artists living and working in Chicago.


Chances Dances, Organizer/promoter/DJ/photographer of a monthly dance party, various venues, Chicago.


Pilot TV Convergence: Experimental Media for Feminist Trespass, organizer/primary documentarian of 4-day conference, Texas Ballroom, Chicago.



Platforms: 10 Years of Chances Dances, a broadly collaborative effort to invigorate and expand upon 10 years of Chances Dances and 7 years of the Critical Fierceness Grant. Gallery 400; Sector 2337; Gray Center Lab at the University of Chicago; Trunk Show; [Open House]; Rainbo and many others, Chicago. 


Crimson Glow, co-curated with Claire Arctander, a monthly interactive listening party and DJ night featuring Chicago-based artists and thinkers re-presenting, and creatively responding, to selected works by female musicians and sound artists from all genres and time periods. The Whistler, Chicago.


CHANNELING: An Invocation of Spectral Bodies & Queer Spirits, co-curated with Ethan White, a program connecting the (queer) body politic with the notion of haunting. Screened at The Alogon Gallery, Chicago; Magic Lantern, Providence; Le Petit Versailles, New York; School of the Art Institute of Chicago; Nightingale Theatre, Chicago; DIVA, Eugene; Northwest Film Forum, Seattle.  

Currently distributed by the Video Data Bank, Chicago. www.vdb.org


Summoning A New Queer Reality, co-curated with Chances Dances, First Fridays at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago.


Objects and Personification, in collaboration with Decibelle Music and Culture Festival, a survey of recent moving image work by Chicago-based women and queer artists. Screened at, and co-presented by, Chicago Filmmakers.


Every Body Moves Against Control: Pilot TV, co-curated with Dylan Mira, a selected program of works made at Pilot TV Chicago. Screened at MIX NYC, New York; Small Change Screenings, Philadelphia; Locally Localized Gravity, Philadelphia; Around The Coyote Fall Arts Festival, Chicago. 

Awards & Residencies

2019-20 BOLT Residency, Chicago Artists Coalition, Chicago. 

2018-19 Te Whare Hera, Wellington, New Zealand.

2018    #50 on NewCity’s Art 50 2018: Chicago’s Artists’ Artists.

2017    Summer Forum, Kaneohe, HI.

             Artist-in-Residence, Buhl Foundation and Radiant Hall, Pittsburgh, PA.

2016    Hill House Residency, East Jordan, MI.

2013    HATCH Residency, Chicago.

2012    ACRE Residency, Steuben, WI. 

2011    Best Experimental Film for I Give You Life, Humboldt Film Festival, Arcata, CA.     


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